NeoReformed = NeoFundamentalist ??

I’m sure you might have heard the term “NeoReformed” by now and if you haven’t Scot McKnight who has been using this term for the last year or two defines what he means when he uses this word in a recent blog post of his.  In this post he addresses these questions: “Are you seeing a rise of reformed folks? Do you see some militancy — whatever their strengths? What are your thoughts? Why do you think some youth are attracted to this new form of Reformed theology?”

You might be surprised to find out that I actually agree to some extent with McKnight when he equates the neoreformed with neofundamentalists.    Be sure to read his whole post. I pasted an excerpt below…

Scot McKnight:

In effect, the NeoReformed are a new form of Fundamentalism, so one might describe them accurately as the NeoFundamentalists. Which means they seem to need a trend or an opponent upon whom they can vent their frustrations (see Rene Girard). This results in two clear traits: the exaltation of some peripheral doctrine to central status and the demonization of a person. The goal in such cases seems to be to win at all costs.


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