5 Questions Concerning Church Safety

In light of the recent shooting at FBC Maryville Mark Driscoll has brought up some questions for thought about the safety of pastors and the congregation. As outspoken and popular as Mark Driscoll is he does have credit to him about this issue.  Pray for your pastor and your church to stand firm in the gospel and without fear.

Mark Driscoll:

In addition, this is a very concerning and sober occasion for pastors and other church leaders to examine if they are in fact doing all they can to ensure the safety of their flock and church leaders. I personally have had people try to get on stage to fight me during sermons, someone pull a machete and rush the stage while I was preaching before being stopped by security, and I have preached under threat of death via anonymous email in years past; still, I do not believe we should minister in panic but rather with wise caution.

See the 5 Questions he has put forth here.


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