One Drawback of Christian Accountability

Tim Challies has written an insightful piece about one drawback of accountability.  This concerns all Christians seeking to be found blameless before Christ and man even for those in pursuit of this through accountability.  Below is an excerpt:

Tim Challies:

As much as there has been great personal benefit in these times of accountability and in living with the specter of accountability, I’ve seen as well that there is one drawback; not surprisingly, it is a drawback related to my own sin. A little while ago I was reading a book review by Erik Raymond and thought he brought this out so succinctly. “Accountability is often quite helpful,” he said. “However, many times folks end up fearing their ‘accountability partner’ while remaining numbly void of a healthy fear of God. This does not kill the root of sin, but unwittingly increases a fear of man (idolatry).”

Read his entire post here.


One thought on “One Drawback of Christian Accountability

  1. This is a great thought. However, it seems to me to be more of a broken form of Accountability or an individuals behavior than a drawback to accountability itself. Thanks for the post

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