Thabiti Anyabwile on Why TIME Magazine’s Recent Listing of the “New Calvinism”May Not Be a Good Thing

Thabiti Anyabwhile gives seven reasons why the hype and attention over TIME magazine’s listing of the New Calvinism may not be a good thing.  In this list he includes the potential for christian celebrity(ism) and making biblical truth a fad.  Anyabwile brings up some serious concerns.  I’ve listed one of the seven below.  Read his whole post here.

Pure Church:

3. The media attention forces some superficial attempts at self-definition, and the inevitable result are “camps” of Reformed types. Add a little carnality, and then you’ll hear folks saying they’re of Paul, or Appolos, or Peter, or Dever, or C.J., or MacArthur, or Driscoll, or the really, really Reformed, etc when those men weren’t even looking for groupies. We need a strong confessional center with the charity that celebrates secondary and tertiary distinctives. Which is why I am so encouraged by this group and the work of these friends and this growing fellowship.


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