JD Greear: What Advice Do You Have For a Newlywed Husband?

Wise advice from Pastor Greear. Below is a snippet…

Be patient. She is different than you. If she does need to be “changed,” you will do that not by being harsh with her or by criticizing her. You will change her by your unconditional love and adoration. Think about it, that’s how Jesus changes us. He accepts and loves us into His image. Paul tells us to love our wives like that.

Your primary role with her is lover, not pastor-teacher. I see a lot of young, spiritually-minded guys really screw this one up. I did. Yes, you are to “present her faultless to God,” but you are primarily her Christ-like lover. If you notice that she is not doing her quiet time every day, don’t lecture her about it. If you think she is too concerned about her looks, don’t preach to her about the sin of vanity. If she does indeed struggle with those things, you won’t correct her by teaching her, you’ll only build a feeling of condemnation in her that translates into resentment and her fantasizing about your premature death. Praise her, extol her virtues. Notice the strengths and assume the weaknesses and not visa versa. Over time, the love you show her and the model you are to her will produce more change in her than one of your brilliantly crafted homiletics…


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