Hope for a Hopeless Marriage, with Dean & Julie Petersen

A healthy marriage some would argue is the clearest example of the Gospel displayed. It is no wonder how sad it is when we see couples express hopelessness and feel imprisoned in their marriage. On the flip side there are few things more beautiful and moving than to see God’s grace work to restore a relationship between a married couple.  Below is a four part interview with Dean and Julie Peterson who tell their story…

Part 1: “Brokenness in Marriage“: Dean and Julie Petersen’s marriage began after a date rape and appeared to be over after a number of adulterous relationships. Dean was planning on killing his pastor. His wife went to this pastor for counseling and ended up in an adulterous relationship with him.

Part 2: “Is Love More Than Feelings?” Julie received a two-second hug from a co-worker. That set her on a descent into lust.

Part 3: “How Bitterness Can Lead to Impurity” Bitterness can lead to all sorts of other destructive sins. Discover the danger of bitterness in a marriage and learn to find freedom from it.

Part 4: “Seeing Your Husband for the First Time” Once romantic feelings of love are gone, is it possible to get them back? After resenting her husband, Julie Peterson started acting loving toward him.

HT: Pure Church


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