TGC: Heart Issues for Worship Leaders

Paul Tripp, Mike Cosper and Matt Boswell discuss the battle of the heart in worship leaders.


Questions to Ask Before Joining a Local Church

Brian Croft:

“This has been a question I have been asked not just through the blog, but even more recently in my church by those visiting.  It is a common scenario.  You move to a new area.  You get settled at your new residence and job.  You get the kids settled in school.  Where you settle in a local church often times becomes a longer, more drawn out task.  After checking out all the churches you desire to visit, here are 4 questions to ask yourself as you narrow the search to make a decision.”

1) Is this a church where my family will be regularly fed by God’s Word? 

2) Is this a church where I am convinced the care of my soul will be a priority?

3) Is this a church where my family will experience meaningful Christian fellowship and accountability?

4) Is this a church where I can serve God’s people and use my gifts for its benefit?

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Be the First to Apologize


Barnabas Piper:

When the question is put to me “what piece of advice would you give to a new husband/dad” I want to leave minds blown and mouths agape. I want to utter a witticism that would make Solomon jealous and Confucius plagiarize. Instead, all I have ever been able to come up with is this: “Always apologize first.”

Somewhere along the way I was given this piece of advice — or pieces of advice that added up to it. It’s so simple but time and again has proven itself to be the piece of advice I needed. It falls under the grand banner of “A soft answer turns away wrath” and enforces both humility and self-examination. Apologizing first is the bucket of water which douses the flames threatening to burn bridges between wife and husband or father and children.

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A Testimony: Jesus is Better than Porn

Jimmy Needham discusses his battle with pornography addiction and the greater joy of knowing Christ.

So flee youthful passions and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart. (2 Timothy 2:22 ESV)

“there was a lot of fleeing but I neglected the main part of the verse which is just don’t flee from but flee to…”

Jimmy Needham performing Forgiven and Loved