Confessional Statement

Theological Vision for Ministry


4 thoughts on “Beliefs

  1. Jonathan,

    I really enjoy your ‘resource blog’ as you have described in your ‘about’ section. Your blog reminds me a bit of Justin Taylor’s blog “Between Two Worlds” since you gather quite a bit of posts that are interesting to read and offer us people in the blogosphere ample opportunities to “Hat Tip” (HT) you on our own blogs. Thanks for doing the leg work for all us Evangelical bloggers out here!

    Soli Deo Gloria.


  2. Erik,
    Thank you for your kind words! Justin Taylor is the man when it comes to resources. I go to his blog quite often. It has been a joy and a benefit on my part to share these resources for you. I checked out your site and loved all that you had on it. I’m still a relatively new blogger and would love to add more to my site if possible. If you have any tips or advice as to adding banners and such please let me know. Hope you are doing great!

  3. How do you know that everything you believe isn’t just a subject construct resulting from the electric probes in your brian? When are you going to move beyond Batman and let light shine through our window once again?

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